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April 2021:

Currently in testing for Trionic 5. Switchable Mapping, with 2 completely different maps available at the flick of a switch !. Together with APC switching it is possible to get 4 separate power levels with Trionic 5 !.

8th May 2021:

We are now offering hands-on Tuning for older cars as this has been requested frequently. For Classic 900's, 9000's with Bosch K Jetronic, Bosch LH Jetronic, Lucas FI, and conventional ignition systems. i.e Required every 1 or 2 years for B, H, and B202 engines due to timing chain stretch.

30th June 2021: 

25% SALE now in effect. All Remaps Discounted by 25% to all customers World-Wide until 31st August 2021.

August 2021: 

Saab Clinic customers can now obtain T7 Type APC valves from SAABITS.COM

Use code T7CLINIC on checkout for 16% off list price.

September 2021: 

Have a 9000 with the DI/APC system ?. We can provide the Saab 204 BHP chip for 2.0 B202 cars. This was the most powerful Tuning option that Saab offered in their Red Box DI/APC units. You can place the 204 BHP chip into your Black DI/APC computer box, and off you go !.  ** 3.0 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator required.


As requested by many customers, we are now offering full GM TECH2 Diagnostics for all Classic 900's, 9000, 9-3, 9-5.  Right up to the very last 2011 9-5 with GM Online Diagnostics. Additionally ALL Vauxhalls. We also have GM GlobalTIS so can update all car software / firmware. Gearbox ECU's, Climate firmware, Entertainment systems and so on. "Unlimited" updating per session. So get your car booked in now !.

November 2021:

We are now offering Capacitor replacements for Trionic ECU's. 

This is because capacitors that are now 20+ yrs old will have lost their capacitance rating and have high internal resistance. Causing odd running behaviour and generally incorrect ECU sensor readings. Replacing the Caps resolves numerus running issues.

January 2022:

We have taken the decision to move all our Tuning capability purely into Trionic 5. This remains the highest demand area. Additionally with our tuning method of individual remap projects per customer it has been somewhat at a loss financially for T7 based cars.  Customers have often been disappointed with the power levels achievable on Trionic 7 and 8 cars (B2x5 and B2x7) due to the nature of the engines and the internal hardware upgrades needed to aim for big figures. Often of which can easily surpass the value of the car.

This is even more so with later B207 cars, where the GM Ecotec engine was never really designed for high BHP in mind. This can be achieved of course like anything, but at a high cost.

Moving fully into Trionic5 will make more time available to produce and market our "Multi Power Settings" kit. This will enable owners to Switch the power level of their car to 1 of 3 levels "In Real-time" just at the flick of a switch. Be it Low power (ideal for rainy / icy days), Medium power, or Full Power modes. The Multi Power mode mapping will be specific and require a full ECU remap. The wiring will then be supplied as part of an easy self install kit.

We are also increasing the cost of all remaps by £25 at this time. This is purely due to the amount of time it takes to compile the remap, processing Request forms, and taking into account ever increasing shipping costs which are all included in the total cost.

And finally, the T7  & T8 type APC valve upgrade is now to be included as a matter of course, unless the customer specifies otherwise. This includes the Software change, Driver Chip mod, and adding a Diode to the driver MOSFET to prevent feedback damage.

We are also replacing the Power Supply input Capacitor on every ECU we work on. This is due to the fact they are all faulty now at this age. Side effects of dead high resistance capacitors is poor injector timing, along with faulty O2 sensor readings and other odd ECU behaviour. We are using Panasonic branded Capacitors with a temp range of 102c. These are noted to be the best on the market.

March 2022:

NEW "EcoTorq" Tune released for all Trionic 5 Turbo engines. See the new EcoTorq page on this website.

July 2022:

** For information. All remaps since January 2022 are digitally signed in HEX across multiple tables. This is to protect our work and to identify "Copying" of our remaps.

Telephone number removed from website.  All contact now via email

Or via Facebook Messenger. Click the Facebook icon shown on each page.

August 2022:

50% SALE on all prices listed on the website.

Website update: 

Added Electronics Restoration page.

March 2023:

We now have a SAAB ISAT diagnostics unit. So can do diagnostics on Bosch LH and Lucas FI cars. Test can calibrate 9000 TCS systems. Alter parameters / re-program ECU units and much more.

August 2023:

Development News !.

Currently in testing is a special version of our popular EcoTorq tune, specifically for 95 RON E5 fuel. Such as found in Switzerland and a few other EU countries.

While it is not possible to get the same gains as 95 E10, however it should achieve +2mpg average gain while also giving 219bhp and 300nm of torque on a 2.3T.

With our modern boost curve profile it is possible to give big improvements to drivability when compared to the factory ECU programming.

Once testing is complete we will make this available to the general public. Approx November 2023

9th August BIG News update.

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