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Fuel Injector Cleaning / Testing service.


We now offer a Fuel Injector cleaning & testing service. For all Electronic "Port Injected" Fuel Injectors.


* Flow Test on arrival to gain current status.

* Ultrasonic Cleaning for 1 hour to remove all dirt and carbon deposits.

* Leak tested at 60 psi.

* Spray pattern checked on Idle profile.

* Flow checked on a Acceleration profile.

* Injector flow checked at 100% Duty.

* Compile report for each injector showing before and after readings against original Manufacturers spec for that injector.

* O rings replaced if required.


£50 For a set of 4 injectors. Electronic Port Injectors only. I.e Any Petrol Saab from 1985 to 2011. (Not including Bosch K Jetronic on early C900's).

Return postage RM Special Delivery Free within UK.

Please submit all order requests via the Contact Page of this site. Shipping info will be given. Please note we only require the fuel injectors. Please do not send the fuel rail as well. Thank you.

Picture below of some very dirty Saab 9000 injectors, giving a poor spray pattern and flow rate.

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