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TSC EcoTorq Tune.

New for 2022 !.

For those struggling with the ever increasing Petrol prices we have created the "TSC EcoTorq" Tune.

This all new Remap is for all Trionic 5 Engines, running standard Bosch Red Injectors.

Requirements -:

B204 or B234 "Red Top" Trionic 5 engines.

9000, GM900, Early 9-3.

All Engine types compatible. 2.0t, 2.0T, 2.3t, 2.3T, and Aero.

Either T5, T7, or T8 APC valves. (Please specify when ordering).

Standard fitment Bosch Red Injectors.

Manual or Automatic.

95 Octane RON "E10" Fuel.

* 97, 98, or 99 Octane RON Super Unleaded fuel is not to be used with this tune. It will not provide any benefit.

Results -:

Both 2.0 and 2.3 Turbo engines produce exactly the same results with this remap using 95 Octane RON Fuel.

(UK EU E10 ).

221 BHP @ 5400rpm.

330NM (243 ft lb) of Torque from 2500 to 4700rpm.

Contains a modified version of our Stage3 Boost Map that has been proven for 80,000 development miles. It provides a very modern driving experience of quick low end responsive torque. Equalling that of any modern Turbocharged car. But at the same time smoother and less harsh compared to the original SAAB ECU's.

We have compiled this Remap for all turbo variants of 2.0 and 2.3 engines, and also both early 16Mhz and later 20Mhz ECU. So we have got you covered.

On our test mule 9000 Aero Manual, this tune has achieved a daily overall average of 44.5 to 46MPG Imperial. Over an average of 800 miles per week.

Urban average fuel consumption has shown to be 37.5MPG Imperial.

530 Miles Per Tank.

Process -:

Send us your ECU, or a Spare ECU if you have one. Or, purchase an ECU from us.

We will download and store your existing Map if required and then apply the TSC EcoTorq Remap.

Replace ECU Power Supply Capacitor.

Convert ECU to T7 or T8 type APC valve if required and add MOSFET Flyback protection DIODE.

Post back to Customer within 1 to 2 working days.

Cost -:

£125 UK Pounds.

Free Shipping within the UK.  Shipping Charge will apply for outside the UK.

* With current UK fuel prices, and the difference between Super-Unleaded and regular 95 Octane Unleaded. A difference of £16 per tank. This ECU remap will recoup its cost in about 8 Tank fill-ups. Thats not including the saving in MPG that will be achieved.

Dont sell your SAAB, give it an EcoTorq remap !.

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