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Stage 1 to 3 & EcoTorq:
Pre-Developed Tunes, ECU by post.

Owner Supplied ECU, Including Free UK Shipping. £125.​  International Shipping PoA. 

Stage 4 & Above & Custom:
Custom Engineered Mapping to your exact requirements.

Engine Spec & Tuning requirements form to be completed by email.

Owner Supplied ECU, Including Free UK Shipping. £170. International Shipping PoA.

Trionic 5 mods: 
Modifiy PCB and frequency tuning within Trionic5 to suit later and more reliable T8 APC Valve.

£20. FREE & Included within Remap packages.

Live / Rolling road: 

In conjunction with our partnership with Nicholson McLaren Aviation (Wokingham) we can offer live Rolling Road mapping.

Live on-the-road & Rolling Road Re-Map. £275. 

*Additional hire of Rolling Road applicable.

Trionic 5 ECU's:

Refurbished ECU's from stock. £95.

Capacitor replacement:

Replace aging capacitors in the Trionic ECU, as these will have low capacitance or will show high resistance now at this age. Replace with Panasonic branded capacitors.

£15. FREE & Included within Remap packages. ** 3 Yr Warranty on all ECU work.

Hands-on Tuning for older cars:

Onsite pre-booked. Adjustment of Ignition Timing, Idle, Fuel mixture, Base boost and Max boost APC adjustments.


DI/APC ECU tuning:

2.0 B202 full pressure Turbo ROM Chip. For all 2.0 B202 cars with T25 Turbo. 204 BHP Rating.


T8 APC Valves:

Genuine SAAB T8 APC valves from our own stock. £50 each.

GM Tech2 / SAAB ISAT: Diagnostics:

For Classic 900's, 9000's, up to the last 9-3 & 9-5. + ALL Vauxhall / Opel cars.  Inc TIS2000 & GlobalTIS online services for GM online Diagnostics and Firmware updating. £50 per session, unlimited Diags and Firmware updates per session. We also have a SAAB ISAT so can do diagnostics on Bosch LH, 9000 Traction control, alter parameters on the EDU and much more.

Electronics Refurbishment:

Dashboard Clusters £130

VSS & Central Locking Control units £55 each.

Window Switch Pack unit. £25 each.

Any other devices, POA.  **3 Year Warranty on all repairs.

PAYMENTS:  We accept PayPal, All Major Cards, or can issue direct payment links via iZettle.

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