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Electronics Restoration.

This is a new service offering but is something that we have been doing in the background now for the last 3yrs.

Restoration of Electronic components found in all 80's and 90's Saabs. In particular Saabs from 1992 onwards have problematic Dashboard Clusters, VSS control units, and Central Locking control units. This is due to the fact Saab introduced the use of "Lead Free Solder" as a requirement to most of their Contractors as an environmental move. While this was a good move at the time as the components have aged the solder cracks and so causing poor joints. This causes erratic behaviour in the dash cluster. Or in the case of the VSS unit the car may fail to start completely. Or the doors do not unlock with the remote Fob.

We can re-flow all these Electronic components in house and restore them to as-new functional condition. All restored components will come with a 3 year warranty.

Example. Saab 9000 Dash Cluster unit. Reflow Solder on all boards. Clean all copper edge connectors. Replace all capacitors. Check & Replace Bulbs. Function test. Polish Perspex cluster lens to remove scratches.

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