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Trionic 5

Below are the following SAAB's we can tune and their estimated performance gains.

** Please note. As of January 2022 we are now only remapping Trionic 5 ( Red DI cars ). More info on this decision can be found on our Facebook page & the Blog page on this website. For Trionic 7 & 8 cars, please contact Karl @NoobTune.

9000 & NG900 & OG9-3
1993 Trionic 5.2, and 1994> Trionic 5.5. Both 16 & 20 Mhz versions. 

* Recommended upgrade to SAAB T7 type APC valve for reliability.

2.0t    Stock: 150 bhp    Stage 1: 210 bhp    Stage 2: 252 bhp    Stage 3: 265 bhp
2.0T    Stock: 185 bhp    Stage 1: 210 bhp    Stage 2: 252 bhp    Stage 3: 265 bhp

*Autos max 250 bhp

2.3t    Stock: 175 bhp    Stage 1: 220 bhp    Stage 2: 252 bhp    Stage 3: 270 bhp
Stock: 200 bhp    Stage 1: 220 bhp    Stage 2: 252 bhp    Stage 3: 270 bhp
*Autos  max 250 bhp

2.3T Aero    Stock: 225 bhp    Stage 1: 240 bhp    Stage 2: 260 bhp    Stage 3: 317 bhp

*Autos max 250 bhp.

* All Stage 3's require a 3" Downpipe and performance exhaust and a performance air filter. 9000 Models "must" have the snorkel removed from the air filter box.

* Pops & Crackles can be added to any of our maps. They are of a level which is acceptable and pleasing for the average SAAB owner. This function does not effect overall MPG. 

ALL Remaps now include a conversion to a T8 type APC valve as standard. Unless otherwise stated by the customer. As well as a Software change this also includes a hardware modification to the Driver Chip and a Diode added to the APC Driver MOSFET. This prevents damage from voltage feeding back from the APC valve and blowing the MOSFET. 

Additionally we are now replacing the input power supply Capacitor on every Trionic 5 ECU that passes through our workshop. This is because all these Capacitors are now 25+ years old and are failing. Leading to poor injector firing or random odd running behaviour.

All Maps are developed in-house and are not generic maps. Some of our maps have over 80,000 miles of on the road development. Particular care is taken towards engine refinement & clean combustion  with a nice progressive Boost curve which not only protects the gearbox and driveline, but also makes for a much more enjoyable drive with often improved MPG. The result is very factory like in drivability, but with much greater Power & Torque outputs. Our own test mule 9000 Aero 2.3T produces 317bhp & 440NM on standard turbo and injectors !. Covering approx 800 miles per week this car returns 41.2 mpg average and 510 miles per tank of Shell Vpower 99.

We can also custom develop a map for your car to make best use of any upgrades you have already done to your engine. In addition we can do live on-the-road mapping, or on the Rolling Road to make final refinements to Fueling, Ignition and Turbo Boost. Our specialism in Trionic 5 is proving massively popular in the Vauxhall / Opel community where SAAB B2x4 engines are popular transplants into Astra's, Corsa's, and newer cars such as Vectra's.

We can also advise on engine performance upgrades from our 30+ years working with SAAB's. Our Facebook page is a popular place for this.

Turbo upgrades are also available from our partners at Pulsar Turbos, see link at bottom of this page.

Please enquire via the contact page for more info.

* Older cars. Hands-on-Tuning.

As requested frequently by our new customers we are now offering hands-on old school tuning for Classic 900's & 9000's with Bosch K & LH Jetronic with conventional ignition systems. These often need timing adjustments every year or two as the timing chain wears.

Set Ignition Timing, Base Idle, Fuel Mixture, Base Boost, and Max Boost APC all adjusted.

* SAAB 9000's with DI/APC.

If you have a 2.0 9000 with DI/APC then we can supply the SAAB 204 BHP Chip. This was the most powerful DI/APC add-on that Saab offered in their 9000 tuning packages. Simply remove the ROM chip from your existing DI/APC ECU, insert our new chip and off you go with 204 BHP.  ** 3.0 Bar fuel pressure regulator required.


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